As I’ve said a few times on ths blog for the last week or so, everything I’ve tried to draw has turned out crappier than usual. What you see to the side here is the one that’s the least embarassing. It was based on a sketch from a doodle page that I dont’ think even […]

… which is only kinda-sorta funny if you have this funky song rolling through your head. Seriously, I have a bad habit of being cryptic about things as if anyone truly gives a damn about what I’m doing next. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s how it looks to anyone else. That’s probably the last […]

As a Hip-Hop Junkie from the days of giving a damn, I’ve always been fascinated with where samples came from. Hunting down the original songs would cause me to become a fan of the older artists that I’d never heard of before (like O.V. Wright and Lafayette Afro-Rock Band) or clue me in to a […]

What a horrible week for a curse. I’m not going to start whining about what a week it was, but I’ll just say that it wore me out and left me needing to catch up on some sleep. I haven’t done that yet, but I’ll get around to it. I bought more stuff this paycheck […]

Haven’t really been feeling well for a couple of weeks, so almost everything that I’ve drawn looks like crap. Pics of Superman and Green Lantern flying? Crap. Picture of Kunoichi from the Punisher arcade game? That’s crap, too. And the one thing to turn out decent is something for a graphics generator that I can’t […]

Funky Friday is my continuing effort to start the weekend on “the good foot” for myself and anyone else bored enough to read this blog. Even though 75% of the vids from the last go-round being pulled less than one week after making the post, I’m going to take another stab at this. Souls of […]

I did a Dreamhost Clicky McUpgradey with the WordPress blog, so it was looking a bit FUBARed for a bit. All seems to be as well as expected on a blog named Beans vs. Cornbread. If you can see this, it worked and my mention of this was pointless. If it didn’t work, then you […]

It’s a bit creepy how much some of the press releases from Cartoon Network sound more like solicitations in Previews. Lets take a look thanks to Ben-10: Hero Generation This new series will focus on a slightly older Ben and Gwen as they team up and mentor a group of children who have similar […]

For those who don’t know, a “sprite edit” is when you take pre-existing animation frames (sprites) from a 2-D video game and use a graphic program to change (or edit) them into new poses or even new characters. Why use pre-existing sprite? To make the new characters look like they really belong in the game. […]