Between moments of trying to salvage this pic of Hal Jordan and the one of that female ninja, I soothed my mind by gawking at Toy Fare 2007 photos. Seeng as how I wasn’t there and don’t have my own photos, I will utilize my Link-Fu Grip to hip you to the newness: G.I.JOE: 25th […]

So the 10K hits poll from Illmosis shook out like this: Adam Hunter – Streets of Rage 17 the Monarch (Venture Brothers) 9 Juggernaut 9 Starscream (Transformers) 9 Blue Beetle 7 Space Ghost 6 Moon Knight 6 Ken Masters (Street Fighter) 6 War Machine 6 Dr. Doom 6 The only sad thing is that Starscream’s […]

Funky Friday will be a once-in-a-while thing that I’ll do (if I have the time that week) to post links YouTube videos. No, I’m not going to embed them, because that can lock up some folks browsers. Each Funky Friday will have a theme or a music style that links them together. This week, it’s […]

I’m still working my way through unlocking items in Raw vs. Smackdown 2006, which was bought at around $10 once RvS2007 hit the streets. No, it’s not the shiny, new game, but it still has a lot of my favorite wrestlers who aren’t in WWE anymore. Eddy Guerrero (R.I.P.) is still among the living here […]

So back in 2003, I hurt my drawing hand in a moving accident. That’s one of the things that slowed my art output to a slow crawl. In fact, it was still bothering me when I did that doodle page there. In the full-sized version (click on it to see that and other dumb stuff […]