So the artwork that I was struggling with as I worked on that early morning post was good enough to be posted on the site today. It’s of the infamous classic video game character Karnov. Not only did he switch between being a hero and villain before it was cool, but he pops up in […]

I saw Pirates of the Carribean 3 today and liked it. That “musical” in the beginning? Fun for the entire family! What a way to start the feel-good motion picture of the year! Seriously, it was full of crazy, crabs, the shocking return of a key character, and Pym Particles. Speaking of Pym Particles, I […]

I’ll have to get an up-to-date computer by mid-2008. Because of my artwork? Well, yeah. But that’s not why I have a deadline. The reason is that there’s going to be one of those Massively Multiplayer Online games based on Lego. The more that I hear about it, the cooler it sounds. How cool? To […]