October 2nd, 2007

Altered BeastAnd lo, I have returned from the lands of Notpostington to bring you (As if anyone’s reading this) this 100th post with a new, slightly-modded Default WordPress theme. Most blogs would celebrate their 100th post, but that won’t happen here. Why? Because what have I accomplished with this blog? Other than talking about the regional phenomenon known as no HARD jarring and the Funky Beat Puppet, not much. Who celebrates a milestone that was reached only because the person was bored enough to keep going? But I do acknowledge it because you kinda have to. I’ll try to make the next 100 posts better than the last.

So what have I been up to? Who gives a f – – , er I’m glad you asked! For one, that cold I had was kicking my butt. Then I got better. But a few days ago, it kicked back in with a cough. In the good news, I’ve been working on Illmosis and ScrollBoss with all kinds of CSS and PHP goodness. I especially want Illmosis to look sharp in time for it’s 3rd birthday.

Things that I’m digging right now:
Doktor Sleepless – Warren Ellis in super-genius mode.
G.I.JOE 25th Anniversary – I was going to do a big photo set after getting them all, but part of Scarlett’s crossbow fell off and bounce into the frightening unknown of who-knows-where. Crap.
Marvel Comics Presents – A mainstream Marvel Comic anthology that’s only on the curb of the current Marvel Universe that I no longer enjoy? Hellcat being the sure-shot? I’m on it.
Booster Gold – Seeing as how DC took a steaming, peanutty dump on all the JLU-based love people suddenly had for the Question, It’s nice to see them follow through on the BG and Skeets.
Sinestro Corps War – Beautiful. There are so many “Aw dang” moments rolling through this with some of my faves being in GL #23. Great stuff.
Marvel Adventures – the Avengers – Pure soul candy. I love how this “kids book” is one of the few titles where you can immediately tell who is speaking when an off-panel character’s word balloon pops up. Also, it has Karl.

Things that I only slightly dig now:
JLU Action Figures – While I still have issues with this toyline, I’m buying just about every set and figure that I see and like before it’s only available online for doo-doo dumb dollars. One thing that I’ll big-up Mattel on here is how they try to keep characters in good rotation through single figures and sets. Still, the fact that I’ll never have a Solomon Grundy will keep me from fully getting into this line.

I’m out. I’ll have some photo and art posts soon along with other random crap. Until then, Y.B.C.

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