Adam Hughes on Mary Jane vs. Laundry (Newsarama) Yeah, I know it’s late, but I’ve been busy.

There’s a lot of excuses reasons why there was no Nutroll comic this weekend. The main reason was a “situation” that started on Monday, rolled on into Tuesday and hit the fan Wednesday. It wasn’t just the fact that I had to stop working on the art to try and keep things from coming to […]

Hung out with good friends this Saturday as a break from working on the book. We watched the 80’s video DVD that I bought (that one deserves it’s own post) then the “Masters of the Universe: best of seasons 1 and 2′ or whatever it’s called (and THAT deserves it’s own post). There was much […]

That Nutroll: Chronic Incubation pic is now in the main site gallery, the Nutroll gallery and in Wallpaper form. I took the S-File character profile thing from my ScrollBoss site, streamlined it for Illmosis, and kicked it off with new profiles for Nutroll and Dr. Sakimoto. More characters will get the new character profiles after […]

So that page is done. Instead of going to the meeting with Director Hauser and the others in the ICI building, I’m using the news format as a crutch again. Oh, well. It’s giving me a much better way to introduce the individual characters. In fact, I’m intruducing characters that I hadn’t even made up […]

It’s finally done. Well, done enough. “Nutroll: the Illness” was a rush job because I decided that this was the year that I’d do something cool with Nutroll on April 1st. the bad part is that I decided it only two weeks before it was due. I still didn’t have a story that felt like […]

While rearranging my cluttered closet to get to my comics, I finally found the box with the 1990’s Black Lightning series by Tony Isabella (Jefferson’s creator) and Eddy Newell. It may have been brief, but damn was it sweet. Instead of going right to sleep, I reread issues one through three and it was like […]

After years of artist’s block, writer’s block and just the overall feeling that I’m about to just go completely insane and lose my groove forever, I finally came up with a GOOD way to start one of my characters’ stories off. No, it’s not perfect and it’s not great. Unlike the other stoies I think […]

Essential Godzilla – I had a few of the original comics when I was a kid and just had to get the Essential trade with the whole series. Written by Doug Moench and mostly drawn by Herb Trimpe (also the original artist on my favorite Marvel tie-in comic ever, G.I.JOE), it details what something that […]