A few weeks ago, my old HP computer started freaking out and wouldn’t even make it to Safe Mode. I kept trying to fix it in DOS but it eventually stopped working at all. Someone hooked me up with another computer so I’m back on the internet. This machine blows my old one away but […]

Ahem. The Nutroll: The Illness teaser page is done and uploaded to the site. Finally. By finished, I mean that my shambling, bloodstained shell of flesh limped to the finish line with this thing because nearly everything on this damned planet was trying to keep me from doing this. The sketchbook with layouts for pages […]

All of those work hours and steak knives may have kept me from debuting the new Illness pages today, but that didn’t stop me from finishing the early version of Illmosis’ new comic page script with Nutroll: Nutroll Comic Page See that creepy looking picture that’s the cover for Nutroll: The Illness? That’s temporary artwork […]

To hell with long explanations. Here’s the 1040EZ why no one on the internet has heard much from me lately: Work: Started working a third cleaning account two weeks ago but I’ll be back down to two next week unless more sudden news pops up. Hands: Right hand still has a clickly middle finger and […]

**wipes brow** To celebrate 3 years of my art site, Illmosis, I’ve spent a loooooooong time rewriting the site, finally integrating Cascading Style Sheets, prettying up the layouts, making it more flexible, etc. I’ve been uploading bits and pieces since Sunday but the final stuff was added today. I am not exaggerating when I say […]

… because you can beat someone over the head with them until they foam at the mouth. Or you can cook with them. I think all four can be sold for scrap, but don’t quote me on that. I apologize to all those who expected something deep to follow that post title, but you should […]

Before reading this, please remember that all items have been sorted according to cranial capacity, shoelace length and use of rotoscoped stock footage. 1.) In the “I’ll probably have a better time remembering this if I slap it in a blog post” department, I need to get an issue of Cereal:Geek, a magazine that’s all […]

So the artwork that I was struggling with as I worked on that early morning post was good enough to be posted on the site today. It’s of the infamous classic video game character Karnov. Not only did he switch between being a hero and villain before it was cool, but he pops up in […]