In the early days of this blog was a Funky Friday, a day where I’d post links to music videos that’d either have a theme or not have a theme. Then I called it ‘Make the Music with your Blog” because I found someone else was using Funky Friday. But back in the first post […]

While rearranging my cluttered closet to get to my comics, I finally found the box with the 1990’s Black Lightning series by Tony Isabella (Jefferson’s creator) and Eddy Newell. It may have been brief, but damn was it sweet. Instead of going right to sleep, I reread issues one through three and it was like […]

Why is this badly-drawn man smiling? You’ll find out on April 1st, 2007. Well, you’d have to go here then to get the full effect of actually seeing it. Not promising the funny here, but it’ll give you a slightly better understanding on how Nutroll works through one of his side-effects. Yes, there are side […]

First of all, I need to hunt down whoever it is that’s been beating me in the head with a cinder block as I sleep. That’s just what it feels like right now. It’s as if someone said of me, “And you can’t beat that with a stickball bat!” and some jackass took them up […]

BOOYEAH!!! I got my order from in early today. The main course is Justice Leauge Unlimited’s final season. Lacking cable at that time, I missed the entire season except for the last moments of the last episode. I pre-ordered it for $18.99 and I’ll be watching it later this week. With any luck, I’ll […]

I’m sleepy. For those that know me in real life, that’s nothing new because I usually look like I’m going to fall asleep. In this case, I’m sleepier than usual. I’m making more idjit-grade mistakes than usual. It’s like the weird thing that happened to my sleeping pattern got even worse just in time for […]

Yes, another link to a Davey D blog post. With all the stuff going on in the news now, the site’s become a daily visit for me instead of my old twice a week routine. RIAA vs. Internet Radio From getting things yanked from to killing Internet Radio, the major companies are really trying […]

First of all, I’m going to hold off on “Everything is Everything” until I’m less busy. I’ve already started scanning comics and taking photos for it, so it’s definitely coming. Despite claiming not to be a daily blog, it’s been daily for over a week now while ScrollBoss has been neglected. As I work on […]

So I planned to start this week off with an upbeat post and start a theme about how everything that I like is connected in my head in the same way it is in the minds of many other people out there. Then I saw this news story that I’m about to talk about and […]