I’m currently having fun with some of the following symptoms: a pain like Sonny Chiba punched me in the throat hard enough to make my neck explode in slow motion. my head being inflated by the guy from Dig Dug but not enough to explode because he had to turn around and pump up a […]

So I was gathering the layout sketches for “Nutroll: the Illness” only to find out that I only have about 50% of what I was looking for. Of course, that 50% turns out to be the GOOD version of the beginning pages. I thought I had it set out with the other group of layouts […]

Whether you’re an average jill, a common joe, gift procrastinator extraordinaire, 5-star holiday cookiesmith, Cindy Lou Who, Wong Who, a snot-nosed punk what don’t deserve nothin’ due to being a snot-nosed punk all year, or a fictional character who is pouting for being drawn in a goofy Santa costume, may all you party people have […]

Happy Halloween…yesterday…

… because you can beat someone over the head with them until they foam at the mouth. Or you can cook with them. I think all four can be sold for scrap, but don’t quote me on that. I apologize to all those who expected something deep to follow that post title, but you should […]

First of all, BAMM! I finally drew a satisfactory pic of my character Passion Tanaka. After mentioning her on page 1 of Nutroll:the Illness, I was ashamed that her character profile didn’t have art that fully captured her character. People seem to be digging this so far, so I hope she picks up a few […]

There’s a lot of excuses reasons why there was no Nutroll comic this weekend. The main reason was a “situation” that started on Monday, rolled on into Tuesday and hit the fan Wednesday. It wasn’t just the fact that I had to stop working on the art to try and keep things from coming to […]

It’s one thing to not get things done due to my own crazy. Eight times out of ten, I can find a way to work through it and get things done. On the other hand, I have a hard time trying to accomplish anything while dealing with O.P.D. What’s that? It means anything from Other […]

That Nutroll: Chronic Incubation pic is now in the main site gallery, the Nutroll gallery and in Wallpaper form. I took the S-File character profile thing from my ScrollBoss site, streamlined it for Illmosis, and kicked it off with new profiles for Nutroll and Dr. Sakimoto. More characters will get the new character profiles after […]