I’m currently having fun with some of the following symptoms: a pain like Sonny Chiba punched me in the throat hard enough to make my neck explode in slow motion. my head being inflated by the guy from Dig Dug but not enough to explode because he had to turn around and pump up a […]

So now I’m working a few more hours a week at the real-life cleaning job. It’ll be good to be making more money but bad for two reasons. The first reason is easy to explain. More time at work means that I have less time to work on other things. I have NO idea if […]

Everything on my body, including my eyebrows, still aches from moving. Instead of the usual back and leg problems, my hands caught the most hell thanks to the speed-shovelling technique I used to get vehicles free from the snow and ice. My hands don’t just ache but they snap, crackle and pop enough to fool […]

Not that I even bothered to post right before the moving took place, but the move is all over. The night that the plumbing next door decided to freeze-plode was also when Mother Nature decided that snow should be shat upon the ground. The weather forecast for the entire week of the move went like […]

While away at work last night, the pipes in the empty apt. next door exploded because no one left the heat on low or something like that. That apartment flooded and the water seeped into this apartment enough to put about an inch of water in the living room. Soooooo, gotta move even faster. Catch […]

I’m getting ready to move somewhere else so I won’t be too active on the ‘net for about a week and I probably won’t be on at all right after the move since it always takes a while to get internet access re-hook-i-fied up. Illmosis and ScrollBoss will be on hold until I get back. […]

For the sake of argument, let’s say that I was a normal person. If that were the case, I’d have made a post two days ago back when it was my birthday. My birthday has a weird history of bad luck around it, so I decided to hold off until I was free and clear […]

It’s one thing to not get things done due to my own crazy. Eight times out of ten, I can find a way to work through it and get things done. On the other hand, I have a hard time trying to accomplish anything while dealing with O.P.D. What’s that? It means anything from Other […]