I keep forgettin’ we’re not in love anymore to post about this crazy deal on Lego.com. Right now, you can get that big Arkham Asylum set at 50% off for $40 bones! Arkham Asylum on Lego.com I just ordered mine, so I can’t tell you how cool it is yet. What I do know is […]

… because you can beat someone over the head with them until they foam at the mouth. Or you can cook with them. I think all four can be sold for scrap, but don’t quote me on that. I apologize to all those who expected something deep to follow that post title, but you should […]

My BrickLink order from Sk8rs Bricks came in today much earlier than I thought. That envelope was filled with pieces I needed to get that Lego building backdrop up to a presentable state. The whole point of building it was to be a backdrop for minifigures but schemes of how to improve it became more […]

She’s not done yet, but here’s a pic of Samus in her Metroid (NES) armor: I know, I know… I need a better camera. You can’t even see that the torso decal has the segment lines in orange. I’ll have to make them darker when I finish the rest of the sticker/decal set for the […]

This week’s haul is A LOT bigger than normal because a lot of it was bought a week earlier but arrived this week. It also made up for last week since I spent the weekend in the house trying to recover from a week of dramatic jackassery. Since I was too lazy to take any […]

I’ll have to get an up-to-date computer by mid-2008. Because of my artwork? Well, yeah. But that’s not why I have a deadline. The reason is that there’s going to be one of those Massively Multiplayer Online games based on Lego. The more that I hear about it, the cooler it sounds. How cool? To […]

I got a Bricklink order in the mail that included stuff to improve that building background I’m slowly working on, blue round open-ended bricks (and wait until you see what THAT’S for) and other random parts. From Toys ‘R Us, I got The Imperial Landing Craft set with a $5 off coupon. I didn’t even […]

Now I remember that big-deal comic book story that happened yesterday. I’ll be shocked if you haven’t heard about it by now, but not everyone can be the sharpest apple in the knife barrel like I am. Here’s a link to the news story: Batman Defeated by Joker – Seven Decades of Superheroing Come to […]

Didn’t hit the comic shop last week, so I did so this one. 52 (weeks 42 and 42) – Damn, Sir Chomps-a-lot. Green Lantern – while I think everyone knew where that character was headed, I dug the issue. Pages 2 and 3 were a hoot, though. Anyone who thought that the series was going […]