I’ll have to get an up-to-date computer by mid-2008. Because of my artwork? Well, yeah. But that’s not why I have a deadline. The reason is that there’s going to be one of those Massively Multiplayer Online games based on Lego. The more that I hear about it, the cooler it sounds. How cool? To […]

Those looking for Taito Legends 2 (now a Gamestop/EBGames exclusive) may want to order from the website. They’ve shipped and some stores got ’em while others don’t. Of course, mine didn’t. Anyway, here’s the links: Gamestop Taito Legends 2 for Playstation 2 Taito Legends Power Up for PSP EBgames Taito Legends 2 for Playstation 2 […]

Part one in a series of characters made in MK:Armageddon’s fun features called Kreate-A-Fighters (or Kreate-a-Kombatants as I keep accidentally calling it). I’ll eventually make this a feature on my ScrollBoss game site. Here’s Tyris Flare from Sega’s classic Golden Axe game. She’s easy to make since, well, she’s just about nekkid. That’ll keep the […]

Why is this badly-drawn man smiling? You’ll find out on April 1st, 2007. Well, you’d have to go here then to get the full effect of actually seeing it. Not promising the funny here, but it’ll give you a slightly better understanding on how Nutroll works through one of his side-effects. Yes, there are side […]

I got a Bricklink order in the mail that included stuff to improve that building background I’m slowly working on, blue round open-ended bricks (and wait until you see what THAT’S for) and other random parts. From Toys ‘R Us, I got The Imperial Landing Craft set with a $5 off coupon. I didn’t even […]

So I’m using SpellCheck.com to proofread that last entry and Dr. Sakimoto catches an error that suggests Sakamoto. So I immediately panic and think that I’d been another stupid round eye making with the messed-up Japanese names. Her name was supposed to be a reference to something I’m not going to spoil but anyone with […]

Heh, I was trying to get that last challenge unlocked to get this ring while having the difficulty set to Easy when it has to be on Normal. D’oh! Now I can wrestle in what looks like the Hammerstein Ballroom on steroids. Except for the need to tweak a lot of characters move sets, I’m […]

Here’s another revitalized character design in the form of Mindsight. Mindsight here goes back to the early 90’s and is a member of my big ol’ group of superheroes that you’ll see soon. She has strong telekinesis powers, limited telepathy and other mental powers that she’s still in the process of developing. I started drawing […]

As much as I’ve tried to avoid talking about it, I haven’t been feeling well for a bit. Seems mostly sinus-related among other things. Even after deciding to stay home this weekend to get some rest, I still feel kinda off. The lack of energy is what’s been killing my artwork, so I decided to […]